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 Laureates photographs 2016

On the October 15, 2016 for the fourth time the Representative Hall of the City Hall – Museum of Częstochowa filled up with Laureates, Participants and Guests of the 4th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica 2016 in Częstochowa. The Deputy Mayor of Częstochowa Mr Andrzej Szewiński made the honour of attending the Exhibition Opening and the Award Ceremony. Not only Laureates from different parts of Poland took part in the Ceremony, but also guests from other countries - the Great Britain, Hungary and Thailand. It took long hours for our foreign guests to arrive in Częstochowa, special thanks to them for joining us nontheless.

In the PhotoArtMedica 2016 Salon organized by the District Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Częstochowa participated 96 authors from Australia, Czech Republic, Iran, Ireland, Canada, Poland, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, The Great Britain and Hungary, presenting 606 photographs in two categories – ‘Cityscape’ (254 photographs) and ‘Free theme’ (352 photographs). The Laureate of the main prize – PhotoArtMedica 2016 Grand Prix statuette funded by the President of the Supreme Medical Council in Poland Maciej Hamankiewicz, MD, PhD, designed by artist sculptor Mariusz Chrząstek and Olympus TG Tracker Digital Camera – went to Assist. Professor Andrzej KAJETANOWICZ, MD (neonatology) – NICU Director, Cape Brenton Regional Hospital and Dalhousie University, Sydney, NS, CANADA for his works entitled: Los Angeles (CS), Street with a waterfall (F), Yukon-Road to White Horse (F), Denali-Polychrome (F). The Photoclub RP Gold Medals went to Alex SOLICH, MD (interventional radiology) from the Medical University of Debrecen, Hungary, for his work entitled Mostar (CS) and Kordian WAROŃSKI, MD (palliative medicine) from Skrzyszów, Poland, for his work entitled Proud (F).

The Honorary Medals of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), that this year again granted its auspices to the PhotoArtMedica Salon, went to Dariusz Hankiewicz, MD (otolaryngologist) - ZUS o/Lublin from Radzyń Podlaski, Poland, for his work entitled Lublin 4 (CS) and Ryszard Zembrzuski, MD (internal and family medicine) from Warsaw, Poland, for his work entitled Greenland–Disko Island (F). PhotoArtMedica Gold Medals went to Piotr Pietryga, student of the Medical University of Poznań, Poland, for his work entitled Postcard from the epoque (CS) and Dr Maciej Jóźwiak (dentist) from Warsaw, Poland, for his work entitled Grus take off (F). The Jury, conducted by the President of the Photoclub RP Mieczysław Cybulski, awarded 32 participants of the Salon underlining its high artistic level. All Laureates received prizes funded by the physicians insurance partner INTER Polska, OLYMPUS and National Geographic Polska. Moreover, the main sponsor, INTER Polska, funded Special Awards for a physician from Poland and for a student from Poland.


10 Members of the District Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Częstochowa took part in the Salon. The participation of all the Częstochowa District Chamber Members was under patronage of the PhotoArtMedica Salon Local Partner BMW Frank-Cars Częstochowa, that funded for them beautiful PhotoArtMedica commemorative medals. The best among them received a Special Award – a BMW watch. The Laureate of this award was Dr Jacek Fąfrowicz (dentist – orthodontist) from Częstochowa, Poland, for his work entitled Sunday at the Central.


The music attraction of this evening was a recital of Siergiej Wowkotrub - a solist of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Philharmonic of Częstochowa – with a band.


Great thanks to all the Participants of the IV International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica 2016 in Częstochowa for taking part in the contest and submitting their inspiring photographs. Congratulations for their awards to all 32 Laureates!


Thanks again to all Friends of PhotoArtMedica Salons - Honorary Patrons, Partners, Media Patrons and prizes Funders for supporting the idea of developing artistic talents of the medical community.
We already invite you to participate in the V International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicains PhotoArtMedica 2017 in Częstochowa!


Dr med. Krzysztof Muskalski, AFIAP, AFRP, ZPAF


PhotoArtMedica Salon Chairman